In order to give full play to the city's overseas Chinese resources and the basic advantages of the coffee industry, deeply explore the economic value of the entire coffee industry chain, promote the coffee industry to become a new growth point for the development of Lishui's modern service industry, make every effort to build a fashion overseas Chinese fair, a quality commodity city, and cultivate coffee culture The small town enriches the connotation of "world supermarket, shopping paradise". The Lishui Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government plan to hold the first International Coffee Expo in Qingtian County in November 2020.

1. Exhibition Overview

The first International Coffee Expo and the Coffee Culture Experience Zone have a total exhibition area of 2,700 square meters and a total of 50 booths. Among them, the outdoor green coffee image display and experience area is 400 square meters, the indoor luxury exhibition area is 700 square meters, and the indoor national pavilion or well-known enterprise special exhibition area is 1500 square meters. Inviting nearly 200 domestic and foreign coffee companies from 20 coffee producing countries to participate in the exhibition. This International Coffee Expo will focus on displaying Chinese and Western cultures, and the uniquely Chinese coffee culture formed after collision and integration.

(1) Exhibition name

The first International Coffee Expo (abbreviation: Coffee Expo, Qingtian)

(2) Exhibition date

November 14-16, 2020

(3) Exhibition location

Exhibition Hall, Zone B, Import Commodity City, Qiaoxiang, Qingtian County, Zhejiang Province

(4) Exhibition slogan

Red wine and coffee

World coffee you and me share

(5) Organization

Instructor: All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese

Organizers: Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Federation, Lishui Municipal People's Government

Organizers: Lishui Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Lishui Overseas Chinese Federation, Qingtian County People's Government

Supporting units: Overseas Chinese groups, domestic chambers of commerce

(6) Products on display

Coffee beans, coffee machines, coffee companions, coffee vending machines, coffee roasting and grinding equipment, coffee utensils, coffee image gallery fashion design, coffee industry chain service providers, coffee etiquette, etc.

2. Members and Responsibilities of Coffee Investment Promotion Team

1. Responsible for the setup of the coffee expo exhibition area, booth allocation, preparation of booth layout plans, exhibition manuals, group agency agreements, etc.;

2. Responsible for the investigation and screening of the invitees, and determine the preliminary list;

3. Responsible for formulating the overall plan of coffee expo liaison and invitation, and do a good job in the liaison, invitation, and docking of participating overseas Chinese delegations, enterprises, and operators;

4. Coordinate with relevant units to implement the invitation tasks and summarize them;

5. Responsible for formulating a counterpart reception plan;

6. Do a good job in the arrangements for the registration, pickup and participation of exhibitors, purchasers and overseas guests of the Coffee Expo;

7. Do a good job of related services during the exhibition;

8. Responsible for implementing other tasks assigned by the Executive Committee Office.

3. Main activities

(1) Opening Mode of Overseas Chinese Expo (Morning on the 14th)

1. Publish of service standards for coffee importing agencies and awarding licenses to Zheng Caiyun base of Zhejiang coffee importing agencies

2. The National Coffee Industry Alliance unveiled

3. In 2020, Lishui "Top Ten Cafes" awarded the plaque and "Top 10 Image Spokespersons of Red Wine and Coffee of Overseas Chinese Expo" employment ceremony

(2) Conference activities (afternoon on the 14th)

1. Opening ceremony of the first International Coffee Expo

2. Coffee keynote speech

(3) Professional coffee activities

1. Unveiling ceremony of top coffee machine

2. Authorized release by Coffee Town

3. "World Coffee Center" awarded by China Coffee Culture Association

4. Green coffee LOGO released

5. Send 1,000 coffee machines to 9 counties and urban areas

6. "Top Ten Coffee B&B", "Top Ten Coffee Network Infrared Placement", "Top Ten Cost-effective Coffee Machines" awarded

7. Coffee training school contract

8. Introduce service providers for the whole industry chain of coffee entrepreneurship

9. Coffee and Health Forum

10. The first Qingtian Coffee Latte and Hand Punch Competition

11. Barista training course

12. One to one business meeting

13. Coffee Expo online events (cloud live broadcast, cloud training, cloud signing, cloud negotiation)

(4) Supporting activities

1. Coffee Night (Incorporate into the night of the Overseas Chinese Museum, add the cultural elements of the national quintessence, coffee carnival night)

2. Coffee culture theme experience activities (ten thousand people taste coffee)

3. The fragrance of coffee is spread all over the city (a coffee street in the county is improved, and the atmosphere of an open-air coffee bar is created)

4. Coffee music festival activities

Four, exhibition and investment promotion

(1) Exhibitors

There are 200 companies in major coffee producing areas such as Hainan, Yunnan, Southeast Asia, South America, South Africa and Italy, with 1,000 exhibits.

Overseas exhibitors, through overseas Chinese organizations and leaders, invite coffee beans, coffee utensils, coffee machines and other companies from about 20 countries around the world to participate. Domestic exhibitors invite domestic agents, wholesalers, and organize powerful coffee companies in Qingtian County to participate in the exhibition through professional exhibition companies.

(2) Buyers

Invite 2,000 professional buyers at home and abroad.

1. Distributors, agents, distributors, retailers, franchisees, centers, e-commerce sales websites, corporate executives and club members, and other high-income groups with strength and sales network terminals;

2. Important group buying units such as large domestic supermarkets, chain stores and counters, community supermarket chains, convenience stores, hotels, hotels, western restaurants, etc.;

3. Import and export trading company.

(Please refer to the attachment for details of preferential policies for exhibition and investment promotion)

5. Guest invitation

1. Government officials from major coffee bean producing areas such as Hainan, Yunnan, Southeast Asia, South America, South Africa and Italy;

2. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Ministry of Commerce and other national ministries and commissions and provincial leaders;

3. Officials from embassies and consulates of relevant countries in China;

4. Relevant leaders of provincial finance, commerce, overseas Chinese federation, market supervision, cultural and tourism departments;

5. Relevant business departments in the province lead a delegation to participate in the conference;

6. Relevant persons in charge of coffee industry associations, chambers of commerce, and intermediary organizations in various provinces (municipalities).

6. Publicity activities

(1) Media invitation: traditional media, new media, self-media, professional media;

(2) Promote the bilingual official website of the Overseas Chinese Expo and use various promotion platforms and channels to hold promotion meetings and press conferences;

(3) Promote the official account, a dedicated person is responsible, permanent release, and regular promotion of various information related to the exhibition and coffee;

(4) Select professional media to launch Qingtian Coffee column and organize special media Qingtian trip;

(5) Organizing large-scale print media, online media, and mass media to conduct series of reports and special interviews, and continue to track and dynamically release the preparation information of the coffee expo;

(6) Give full play to the role of "online overseas Chinese blog" to warm up in advance;

(7) The content of the coffee industry is added to the special issue of the Overseas Chinese Fair to record the development of the industry;

(8) Three months before the exhibition, comprehensive and three-dimensional publicity will be carried out locally. Including the release of outdoor advertising, TV public service advertising, the launch of print media, mobile advertising, countdown, etc.;

(9) Half a month before the exhibition, a pre-show press conference will be held. The organizing committee will release the preparatory information for the Overseas Chinese Expo, increase its publicity in the local and provincial media and other media based in Zhejiang, and simultaneously promote it in the national and overseas media;

(10) Invite Chinese and foreign media to participate in the conference, organize and plan on-site reports and interview activities;

(11) During the exhibition, choose a live broadcast platform or a traffic expert to push video and interact with live events;

(12) Continuous reports and special documents will be released in the later stage of the exhibition, and the promotion will be done well to maintain the continuous promotion of the exhibition brand.