BriefIntroduction of Import Commodity City in Qingtian Overseas Chinese Township

The construction of Qingtian import town of overseas Chinese town is an innovativemove of Qingtian county to take the participation of the "One Beltroad" initiative, implementing the "88 strategy" and respondpositively to the call of the provincial Party committee's "Zhejiangbusinessmen's return". It is an inventing action to give full influence tothe advantages of overseas Chinese resources, take the push to integrate theYangtze River Delta economic belt, vigorously support 1the import and exportbusiness services industry, and actively cultivate new engines of countyeconomic development. Next, Qingtian County will take the "praise ofLishui" as its guide and motivational force, and strive to build adistribution center for imported commodities and a world wine trading center inaccordance with the guiding ideology of "strong, quick return and goout" which is part of County Party committee and county government.

QiaoxiangImport Commodity City is located in Youzhu Street, Qingtian County, with atotal planned building area of 339,000 square meters. There are two phases ofconstruction. The first phase is mainly about the construction of fivespecialized markets. The second phase is about the construction of a globalshopping complex with the functions of a business logistics center, aconvention and Exhibition center, a business service center and a leisuretourism shopping center.

Atpresent, Qiaoxiang Import Commodity City has built and operated four markets inthe first phase, with a total business area of 65,000 square meters and 203companies. There are more than 50,000 imported commodities from more than 60countries (regions) on sale, mainly involving daily chemical department stores,maternal and infant supplies, food, clothing, wine and other categories. Inaddition, Qingtian has built a public bonded warehouse of nearly 20,000 squaremeters for the first and second phases, and will start the construction ofstandard bonded warehouses to effectively solve the problem of warehousing andlogistics of imported goods. And set up Lishui Customs Qingtian Field Officeand Lishui Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Qingtian Liaison Officeto further improve the ability of serving enterprises and businesses. Since itsopening in January 2015, the sales volume of the Overseas Chinese TownshipImport Commodity City has exceeded 3.5 billion yuan, effectively driving therapid development of Qingtian's import trade and Commerce industry, and hasbecome a model of "Qingtian people's economy" transforming into"Qingtian economy".

Qiaoxiang Import Commodity City will also build a "3 + 365" import commoditydisplay and trading platform. "3": That is to hold three-dayexposition. From November 17 to 19, 2018, the First Overseas Chinese ImportCommodity Exposition and Qingtian Import Wine Fair were held in the ImportCommodity City of Overseas Chinese Township. It attracted 367 imported dailychemical and food enterprises from 63 countries, 405 overseas wineries, 960exhibitors and 2689 domestic professional purchasers. The exhibits includedmore than 10,000 imported wines and more than 50,000 imported commodities. Thetotal number of visitors exceeded 105,000, and the turnover of intentionreached 1.56 billion yuan. It focused on the achievements of the development inimport commodity trade in our city, "to invite and go out through winebargaining". "365": After the exposition, the "World RedWine Center" (with a total area of 36,000 square meters, 300 design shops,and nearly 300 red wine enterprises from all over the world) will be completedin the fourth and fifth markets of the Overseas Chinese Import Commodity Cityby stages, actively utilizing the results of the First World Overseas ChineseImport Commodity Exposition and the Qingtian Import Wine Fair to publish theQingtian Red Wine Index. Hundreds of wines favored by consumers were selected,and the popularity of imported commodities market in Qingtian Overseas ChineseTownship was expanded. Consumption and trading services were provided forconsumers and purchasers to create a "never-ending Overseas Chinese ImportCommodities Exposition". The Second Overseas Chinese Expo will be heldfrom November 16 to 18, 2019, and preparations have been actively carried out.

Next,Qingtian County will actively promote the construction of small towns inEurope, which is located in the central block of Youzhu Street. The overallplanning area of the town is 3 square kilometers, and the core area coversabout 1.2 square kilometers. The 11 key projects, including global shoppingcenters and European style hotels, will be built with a total investment ofnearly 5 billion yuan. After completion, they will integrate import trade,tourism shopping, cultural exchanges, warehousing logistics and e-commerce intoa whole and become a new driving force for the transformation and developmentof Qingtian's economy.