Expert Team

Conference Chairman: Mr Ivan Shiu International Judge, Founding Vice President of the Hong Kong Wine Chamber of Commerce

First group:

Team Leader: Mr. Marco Gallardi, Chairman of ONAV Italian Sommelier and Tasting Master Association in China <Italy>

Mr. Matthieu Ventelon, WSET Wine Course Instructor <France>

Rachel, Rachel Wang, International Wine Jury, Chinese Representative of German VDP Association, WEST Level 4<China>

Second Group:

Team Leader: Mr. Lionel Le Gal, 20 years wine industry expert, French sommelier and international judge <France>

Mr. Ezequiel Franco, 10 years of wine industry expert, judge of several international wine competitions <Spain>

MILA PAPE, used to be the brand manager of many wine brands, 8 years of experience in the wine industry, WSET 3 <Russia>

The third group:

Team Leader: Mr. Tonny Tong, Judge of Brussels Wine Competition, WSET Level 3 <Malaysia>

EMILIE MARINOVA, has served as a judge in many international wine competitions including Tokyo Sakura Wine Competition, Brussels Competition in Belgium, WSET LEVEL 4<France>

Lin Dianli, well-known domestic wine critic and celebrity, WEST Level 4 <China Taiwan>