Introduction to 2020 Qwine Top 100 Fine Wine Compe

The original intention of the QWINE Top 100 Global Wine Competition was to provide a more convenient and more suitable wine list for the Chinese market for professional buyers, importers and corporate customers who come to participate in the "Qingtian Imported Wine Fair"

In order to further enhance the image and advantages of China Qingtian in the middle and high-end wineries, the third Qwine Top 100 Wine Competition will be officially renamed "Qwine Top 100 Fine Wine Competition"

This year, it has been upgraded again on the basis of the previous edition, emphasizing the concept of "exquisite winery", becoming the first domestic wine competition with a price threshold to emphasize the concept of Qingtian high-quality winery wine.

The wholesale price of all participating wines in this competition must be more than 100 yuan. And set up 3 levels including: wholesale price 100 to 300 yuan; 300 to 500 yuan and more than 500 yuan

The number of wines participating in the 3rd Qwine Top 100 Boutique Wine Competition are all carefully selected boutique wineries, and it is expected that there will be more than 300 wines.

The lineup of professional judges will be improved again in previous years. The conference will invite 9 judges from Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and other countries and regions. In addition to their professional knowledge, I also have a wealth of Chinese experience, hoping to use this to judge the most suitable fine wines for consumers.

2020 Qwine Top 100 Fine Wine Competition Base Syst

9 professional judges judged by price and regional classification among more than 300 wines in the competition. The 100 wines with the highest score (Top 100)

The judging consists of 9 top wine tasters from various regions in Europe and Asia as the judges. They will be divided into 3 groups, and each group of three persons will have a team leader responsible for the review