In order to fully implement the strategy of opening up and strengthening the province and build a landmark project as an important hub of the “Belt and Road”, the construction of Zhejiang (Qingtian) Overseas Chinese Economic and Cultural Cooperation Pilot Zone is an "opportunity" to expand Lishui's popularity and reputation as a distribution center for imported goods at home and abroad And influence, actively cultivate Lishui as a "world supermarket and shopping paradise" for imported goods, strive to build an important platform for "Chinese Businessmen's Window", accelerate the return of Zhejiang businessmen and the return of overseas Chinese elements, and promote the high-quality development of an open economy. The government plans to hold the 3rd Overseas Chinese Imported Commodities Fair, Qingtian Imported Wine Fair, and the first International Coffee Fair in Qingtian County in November 2020.

The 3rd Overseas Chinese Fair and the 1st Café Fair set up 8 major exhibition areas, including the main exhibition area and the market exhibition area, with a total exhibition area of 90,000 square meters, and a total of 1,800 booths. 800 domestic and foreign imported wine companies are invited to participate in the coffee category. There are 200 importer companies, 100 beauty import companies, 500 other import goods companies, and 150,000 visitors are expected, including 5,000 professional visitors (purchasers). The guest country of this year's overseas Chinese bloggers is France, and the beauty area, coffee area and "Harmon" area are added. This year's Overseas Chinese Expo will make full use of the achievements of the previous Overseas Chinese Imported Commodities Fair and Qingtian Imported Wine Fair to create a "3+365" imported goods display and trading platform, hold the "Never Ending Overseas Chinese Imported Commodities Expo", and continue to promote Lishui imported goods trade Develop and go to the whole country.