Qingtian county is located at thesoutheast of Zhejiang province, with a total area of 2,493 square kilometers.It has a population of 550,000 and overseas Chinese population of 330,000. Here,traffic is convenient, 80 kilometers from Wenzhou airport, high-speed rail,highway throughout the territory.

Qingtianhas open atmosphere, import trade market has been in the forefront of thecountry. Qingtian overseas Chinese Imports, built in 2015 in Zhejiang city,planning area of 342,000 square meters, now has a business area of 65,000square meters, gathered more than 60 countries and regions in the world of morethan 50,000 products (more than 6000 kinds of imported wine categories), theannual passenger volume of 500,000, annual sales have reached 1.5 billion yuan,with a collection of import commodity sales, e-commerce, bonded warehousing,customs inspection, logistics and distribution in a comprehensive tradingplatform.

Qingtiankeeps pace with The Times and takes advantage of the China International ImportExpo to hold the first overseas Chinese import commodities Expo and QWine Expo.The expo is under the guidance of the all-china federation of returned overseasChinese, sponsored by Lishui municipal government, Zhejiang provincialdepartment of commerce and Zhejiang provincial overseas Chinese federation, andundertaken by Qingtian county people's government, Lishui municipal bureau ofcommerce, Lishui overseas Chinese affairs office and Lishui overseas Chinesefederation.